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Seasonal Summer garnish you need to try!

Cocktail connoisseurs know that garnishes can instantly elevate your drink. Not only can they impart a subtle complimentary flavour but they can also make your cocktail look the part too. From trendy to traditional it is important to get your garnish right and even more important to keep them in line with seasonal, local produce! 

At Gattertop we’ve been trying out some seasonal summer garnish combinations, curating the perfect summertime tipples that are a MUST try for these hazy summer days.  

So spruce up your V&T, sour, or spritz and impress your guests with these simple but effective seasonal garnishes this summer! 

Gooseberry and Cucumber V&T

Cucumber and gooseberry vodka tonic

A divine combination that creates the most refreshing seasonal V&T. Simply take a potato peeler and peel the length of the cucumber creating an elegant ribbon, and slice the gooseberries as a tart accompaniment. Line the glass with the ribbon, fill it with ice and gooseberries, pour a generous measure of Englands best-tasting vodka, Botanic 7 and top with Franklin & Sons Elderflower and Cucumber tonic water. 



Damson Cherry Sour

Vodka cherry sour
A seasonal favourite, cherries are at their best in summer. Deliciously juicy and slightly tart a single fresh cherry perched on the rim of a glass can look effortlessly elegant. One of our signature cocktails the Damson Cherry vodka sour showcases the versatility of Damson 12 and calls for a simple, yet striking garnish. 


Blackberries and thyme in a Damson Spritz 

Damson, blackberry and thyme, spritz

Spruce up your spritz game this summer with a Damson spritz. Garnished with blackberries and thyme Damson Nº12 can be used as an alternative to Aperol in a spritz this summer. Muddle 3 blackberries in the bottom of a wine glass, fill with ice and pour in a generous measure of Damson 12. Finish with Castle Brook, Classic Cuvée English Sparkling wine and Franklin & Son tonic water for a refreshing take on the classic spritz. 

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