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Vodka is one of the most popular spirits in the world. You have probably tried a few, but did you know that there are so many myths surrounding vodka? Do you believe in everything you know about vodka? There may be some truth to that fact but with a catch. There may be other common things you heard about vodka that are actually a myth. These misconceptions about vodka and origins have been passed down from generation to generation. So let's bust some of these myths once and for all!

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Myth 1: All vodkas are the same

You might be surprised to learn that vodkas are not all the same. There are many different types of vodka, each with its taste and characteristics.

Vodka is made from a variety of ingredients including wheat, rye, corn and potatoes—and sometimes grapes for flavouring. Different grains give the spirit its distinct flavour profile; for example, wheat-based vodkas tend to have a smooth flavour while rye-based ones can have more spice notes.

Different base ingredients may result in very different types of vodka: some make great Martinis while others pair well with bold flavours like olives or pickles.

Some vodkas can also be distilled at higher temperatures than others, which changes how much the liquid retains its original character during distillation but also what kinds of flavours it absorbs during the fermentation process (the time when yeast transforms sugars into alcohol). The higher proof (alcohol content) means you will get drunk quicker if you drink too much!

You should also know not all vodka is mass-produced, there are vodka brands that are still produced in small batches mostly by artisans. Gattertop Drinks is one such vodka brand that is home to award-winning vodka with 100 per cent natural ingredients. Gattertop Drinks strive to create great-tasting vodka while also keeping carbon emissions low. Immerse yourself in British Craft Vodka with deep and delicious flavours from homegrown damsons. Why not treat yourself to the best with the UK's first orchard-led botanical vodka - the Botanic No.7?

Myth 2: Vodkas are made from potatoes only

Vodkas are made from the same ingredients as all spirits. Yes, the word vodka comes from “voda,” which means water in Russian, but that doesn't mean it's made only with water. Vodka can be distilled from grain like wheat or rye, potato (especially in Eastern Europe), or even fruits like apples and pears. There are also flavoured vodkas that have been infused with fruit flavours during fermentation.

At its most basic level, vodka is a neutral spirit made by fermenting and distilling grains such as wheat or rye; then it's filtered through charcoal for purity before being bottled and sold to you at your local liquor store!

Here at Gattertop Drinks, our craft vodka is made from ancient orchids. The historic orchards located in Herefordshire with British orchids that have been around for centuries, back to 1086.

Myth 3: All vodka is made in Russia.

This is one of the most common misconceptions about vodka. You would be surprised to know it's not just a Russian thing. Vodka was invented in Russia, but it's made all over the world now. You can buy it in almost every country on earth.

Vodka can be made anywhere in the world, as long as it meets certain standards for purity and quality. All vodkas are clear liquors made from grain or potatoes that have been fermented and distilled multiple times. However, there are different styles of vodka based on where they're produced and how they're produced. In Europe, for example, most vodkas are distilled three times whereas American vodkas tend to be distilled four times for a smoother flavour profile with fewer impurities left behind during distillation.

Myth 4: You can make vodka cocktails from any type of vodka

You can't make vodka cocktails from any type of vodka. You see, vodka has to be 40% alcohol by volume (ABV). But not all vodkas are created equal. Some are made from grains while others use potatoes or a combination of both. Because of this, many vodkas have a distinct taste and smell that will affect the final cocktail you're trying to create.

Vodka is neutral in flavour and odourless so it won't overpower your drink's other ingredients as some other hard liquors might.

By using different types of vodkas in your cocktails, you can add different flavours without changing their basic makeup.

If you love pushing your bartending skills to the limits, why not test yourself with an internationally acclaimed craft vodka brand such as Gattertop Drinks? Use Gattertop Drinks award-winning premium craft vodka Botanic No.7 to create delicious cocktail recipes.

Myth 5: Vodka is not made from grapes

You might have heard that vodka is not made from grapes. And while this is maybe somewhat true, it's not exactly accurate.

Vodka can be made from a variety of ingredients, including grains and potatoes. Grapes are no exception to this rule; they're just one of many options among other potential bases for your favourite spirit. Some distillers even use honey as the base material in some vodkas!

So how does vodka get its distinctive character? The answer lies in the distillation process, which involves heating a mixture of alcohol and water until they separate into two completely different substances: ethanol (the alcohol) and water (the H20). The ethanol changes during distillation, acquiring various flavours from its original base ingredient or other additives during production—like blueberries!

Myth 6: Vodka is Odourless and Tasteless

This is a common misconception where it is believed that vodka is odourless and tasteless. But that is far from reality. No vodka is the same in taste. All vodkas taste different because of the texture that changes with the method of formation used.

As mentioned above, vodka is not only made from potatoes, the different raw materials provide varied tastes and characteristics. The taste and colour of vodka also depend on the number of times it is distilled or the AVB percentage of vodka.

The new trend in vodka also says that vodkas are no longer simple and plain. Craft vodka brands have come up with impressive fruit-flavoured vodkas that change the long-believed myth that vodka is odourless and tasteless.

Myth 7: Vodka is Unhealthy

Vodka is very low in calories, fat and sugar. It's also gluten-free, which makes it a great choice for those who want to lose weight or maintain their weight loss.

Due to its high alcohol content (about 40%), vodka was believed to have medicinal properties besides being an effective disinfectant. Many people drank it straight because they believed it cured diseases like cholera and malaria!


The truth is, there are so many myths surrounding vodka that it's easy to believe them. But now that you know the facts, you can make an informed decision when it comes time to buy your next bottle of spirits.

Why not try a premium craft vodka brand such as Gattertop Drinks? Gattertop Drinks is one of the top beverage companies in the UK. You can join the membership program and enjoy the benefits of free delivery, discounts and monthly treats. So why wait? Get yourself a bottle of Damson No.12 or Botanic No7 today and make some vodka cocktail recipes.
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