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Artisan Drinks

If you're a fan of beautifully crafted, artisan drinks, try our range of infused vodkas. Our high-quality spirits include the award-winning Damson No12 and Botanic No7, made using homegrown ingredients cultivated at Gattertop Farm here in the Herefordshire Hills.

Your Guide to Artisan Vodkas

In recent years, artisan drinks have grown in popularity, but what does this term mean, and where can you find some different products to try? Here's everything you need to know

What Are Artisan Drinks?

Artisan drinks are made using traditional methods, usually in small batches to create a high-quality, handcrafted product. Goods are made with natural ingredients rather than other artificial flavours available on the market.

How Are Artisan Products Made?

Alcoholic drinks with this type of recipe will use artisan ingredients such as fruits or botanicals. You can make artisan drinks using predominantly heritage production methods, e.g. a copper pot still, achieving a smoother drink with a higher alcohol content. Many spirits are made via traditional methods, from gin to vodka.

Are Our Spirits Sustainable?

From reusable water bottles to recyclable packaging, the drinks industry is making some huge changes, but we can all agree and accept that things must continue to improve. We use eco-friendly sustainable business practices to create our product range, considering every part of the process. We're even looking at how we use our leftover products such as water and damsons (e.g. in jams).

Our owner and founder has worked hard to give our mission a significant environmental focus, working closely with all the seasonal changes seen in the English countryside to produce a higher-quality product. Our orchards are even Soil Association certified.

Over the course of 2021 and beyond, we will keep striving to develop our sustainability promise, aiming to become fully carbon neutral and ensuring the production of our spirits is 100% sustainable.

What to Look for in an Artisan Drinks Company

When it comes to looking for an artisan drinks company or new brand name to try in the world of gin and vodka, the owner and premises will usually be based locally rather than importing ingredients from another country. They should have honed their craft, providing lots of information about why you should choose their range of products over other brands, setting the bar high. Qualities to look for include sustainable practices (e.g. low food miles), independent companies and natural, unique flavour combinations.

Why Are Our Vodkas Artisan?

Our vodka range is artisan-crafted, using natural, organically grown fruits and botanicals. We make our spirits from what we have available at Gattertop country farm, from ancient orchards, hedgerows and fields. Our goal is to produce naturally flavoursome spirits with a sustainable conscience, preserving our local English country environment.

How Are Our Drinks Produced?

We use a traditional distillation process to make our infused spirits, separating the alcohol from the water to achieve the best ABV for the final product.

Why Choose Gattertop Drinks Co?

Here's some more information about why you should choose our spirit range.

Botanic No7 & Damson No12

We currently have two artisan drink products available. This includes our Botanic No7 which blends seven botanicals foraged at Gattertop. Our award-winning Damson No12 is steeped for a minimum of a year to produce a deeper, fruity flavour with accents of almond and marzipan.

Setting the Bar High

We use premium grain vodka you won't find in your average bar, allowing us to craft a high-quality drink for every bottle without exception. We choose vodka first over gin to produce a deeper flavour without tainting the crisp taste of the spirit.

Versatile Serving Options

Our products are often chosen by sloe gin and vodka drinkers who take the time to look for something a little different. Our spirits can be sipped over ice, combined with mixers such as soda or tonic water and even added to craft cocktails.

Gattertop Drinks Company

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