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If you're looking for high-quality, delicious botanical spirits, try our award-winning vodka. Our Damson No12 and Botanic No7 have been produced with home-grown fruits and botanical ingredients grown at Gattertop, based on the Herefordshire hills. To buy our spirits, place an order now in our online shop, or for trade enquiries, please email

If you'd like to know more about botanical spirit brands, one of the best places to start is understanding what spirits are.

What Defines a Spirit?

Alcoholic drinks are made through the fermentation of yeast, but the difference with spirits is the distillation process via something like a copper pot still, for example. As alcohol has a lower boiling point than water, the vapour can move into the next section of the process, leaving the water behind. The techniques a distillery uses produce a concentrated alcoholic liquid as the vapour condenses, and this can then be left to age or flavoured with botanicals if desired. The abv of a drink stands for 'alcohol by volume', which is why spirits will often have a much higher abv value than other alcoholic drinks.

What Are the 6 Spirits?

There are six drinks in the 'distilled spirits' category:
  • vodka
  • gin
  • rum
  • tequila
  • whiskey
  • brandy

What is the Healthiest Liquor?

If you're looking for a healthier alcoholic drink, pick the lowest calorie spirit on the market - vodka! That's why so many people choose this spirit over gin, mixing with tonic or soda to create healthier, 'skinny' drinks.

Can You Get Non-Alcoholic Spirits?

If you've given up drinking or want to cut down on your alcohol consumption, you may be wondering whether there are non-alcoholic spirits available. There are several non-alcoholic spirit brands on the market, including non-alcoholic gin brands. However, nothing quite beats the real thing, but these can be a great alternative to use if there's a booze-free guest coming to your dinner party.

What is Botanical Vodka?

So what puts a spirit in the 'botanical vodkas' category? These distinctive drinks are made by adding botanical ingredients from plants or fruit-based sources. At the heart of any bottle of the spirit should be natural ingredients that have been carefully grown and selected, distilled with a grain spirit to produce the perfect flavour profile. Drinking botanical spirits is a fantastic way to open up your palate to experience the natural flavours of the British countryside. Vodka is a smoother alcohol than gin, so it's perfect for drinking over ice or mixing with soda, tonic and cocktails.

Why Choose Our Botanical Spirit?

If you've been searching for botanical spirits, why not start with our Botanic No7? We make our vodkas using the highest quality methods, with all botanicals grown here in the country setting of the Herefordshire hills at Gattertop. Botanic No7 is a 100% British made spirit infused with the perfect blend of seven home-grown botanicals. The unique, delicate flavour has been achieved by blending apple blossom, damson blossom, basil, rosemary, elderflower, lemon and nettles, using premium vodkas for their clean and crisp consistency. Such authentic flavours are achieved by infusing the seasonal botanicals in small batches throughout the year to produce an exceptional taste. We believe vodka is a much better spirit to use than gin for this type of drink as its easier to enjoy the delicious notes of each botanical without it tainting the spirit. It also allows the flavours to sit perfectly outside the juniper base, whereas botanical gin can be incredibly 'juniper heavy' when it comes to the taste produced.

Gattertop Drinks Co - From Ancient Branches to Bottle

Our botanical spirits are unique, artisan-crafted and made with fruit, plants and botanical ingredients grown in our orchards and hedgerows. Our orchards date back to 1086, having been established in the area for hundreds of years. Every bottle of our botanical spirit is naturally flavoursome, described as 'the English countryside in a glass'. Both our Botanic No7 (abv 38%) and Damson No12 (abv 23%) infused vodkas have their flavours firmly rooted nature. Our Damson No12 has even won several awards, with the damsons steeped for a full twelve months.

We Make Sustainable Spirits

Our mission is to ensure we're a botanical spirit drink brand with a sustainable conscience, preserving our local countryside where the ingredients used are home-grown. Many people want to see real change in the industry, finding new and alternative ways to make spirits more sustainable to reduce their carbon footprint. At Gattertop Drinks Co, we've put sustainability at the heart of what we do, leading from the front in an industry that hasn't always put the environment first. We rely on our beautiful landscape to create our spirits, so we always make immediate actions where possible, as well as implementing long-term goals. This includes using organic processes, supporting our local wildlife, reinvesting in planting at our orchards, completing manufacturing processes by hand, choosing recyclable materials and reducing our carbon footprint (with the aim to become completely carbon neutral). When you open a bottle of one of our products, you can feel confident you're choosing a sustainable brand.

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