British Vodka

If you love to drink British vodka and want to support some of the fantastic businesses the UK has to offer, head to the Gattertop Drinks Co online store. Our artisan-crafted vodkas are 100% British made, using ingredients homegrown at Gattertop on the Herefordshire hills. From ancient branches to bottle, every part of the process has been carefully planned to create naturally flavoursome spirits.

Introduction to British Vodka

Why Choose British Vodka?

British-made vodka is on the rise, so there's now more choice than ever for UK customers. Not only can you support the national economy, but there are lots of other reasons to invest in British products. This includes supporting British farming, experiencing more fresh and seasonal flavours, trying locally produced goods and cutting down on food miles to help you shop more sustainably. British vodka will often have a lower carbon footprint than drinks imported to the country.

Why Use Vodka for Spirit Drinks?

Vodka is one of the world's best spirits you can use for new products, especially those which produce a unique flavour through the delicate taste of the additional ingredients added. English and British brands are leading the way when it comes to high-quality vodka products. A top distillery name such as Black Cow Vodka gets such excellent reviews for a reason. They produce the world's only pure milk vodka, combining a creamy, indulgent essence with notes of lemon zest.

Why Do We Champion Vodka for Our Drink Products?

At Gattertop Drinks Co, we use premium British vodka for our spirits, choosing it over gin for its crisp and clean nature. It's the perfect partner for the different ingredients we choose to infuse with our drinks. This allows our homegrown damsons and other botanicals to hold their own in the spirit without tainting the beautiful flavour of the vodka on the palate. We produce our Botanic No7 at our distillery using a copper pot still method, using seasonal ingredients in small batches. The result is a smooth and flavoursome spirit, with each botanical note subtly coming through for an outstanding taste.

Enjoy Natural English Botanical Flavours in a Glass

We like to think of our vodka as the English countryside in a glass, providing the perfect blend between clean, fresh and elegant flavours. Such a delicate balance has been achieved by growing our own botanical ingredients in the garden, orchard, hedgerows, fields and woodland of Gattertop. A lack of artificial flavours results in a much smoother tasting spirit with an ABV content of 38%.

British vodka is the Perfect Gift

Our distillery drinks are ideal for family or loved ones who enjoy the taste of botanical gin or vodka. From our beautiful bottles to our label designs, our bold identity exemplifies our history. 

We also have incredible hampers and bundles available for different occasions or corporate gifting. Our mixed bottle packs include our delicious and fruity Damson no12 botanical vodka (abv 23%) with a deep, fresh character achieved after the spirit is steeped for a total of 12 months.

What Is the Most Popular Alcoholic Drink in the UK?

With so many options available, what are the top drinks in the UK? According to You Gov statistics, spirit drinks rule to roost, from rum and gin to dry malt whisky and top brand vodkas. In fact, the most popular name in alcohol is currently Smirnoff Vodka.

Which Is the Best UK Vodka?

There are lots of UK and English vodkas to choose from, with the spirits competition raising its game to bring out the best in each other. Whether putting together new flavours for your cocktail menu or looking for the ideal gift for a fan of spirits, it's important to select the best products. From pure milk Black Cow vodka to Chase Vodka products, there are plenty of options to choose from.

One of the products rising up the ranks is vodkas flavoured with other ingredients such as fruit or botanics. We've seen this through the success of brands that use anything from potato and vanilla to rhubarb and herbs to flavour their spirits.

Try the Smooth Taste of Our British Vodkas

Our delicate flavour profile has produced two award-winning, distilled vodkas.

Damson No12 Vodka

Our damson-infused vodka (Damson No12, 23% vol) is steeped for a minimum of 12 months before it reaches our shelves, producing a great depth of flavour in every bottle. The fruity damson taste is further enhanced by the accents of almond which come through from their stones.

Botanic No7 Vodka

Botanic No 7 Englands best-tasting vodka

Botanic No 7 is Englands best tasting, not just according to us, but according to the IWSC. Gattertop drinks vodka is all about the taste, scoring 96/100 at the 2021 awards Botanic No7 achieved the highest score in England.

February 2022 also saw Botanic No7 achieve the silver award for the UK's second-best flavoured vodka at the World Vodka Awards.

British Botanical vodka, made in Herefordshire

Locally made British vodka, Botanic No 7 is infused with herbs and botanicals that are foraged directly from Gattertop, a family-owned English orchard located in Herefordshire.

Gattertop farm can be read about in the Doomsday book, boasting orchards that date back to 1086. With trees dating back to this date, the fruit produced at Gattertop is richer and more mature, producing a more complex flavour unique to Gattertop.

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