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sustainable alcohol brands uk</h2 At Gattertop Drinks, we're committed to the preservation and protection of the environment, from our distillation and production process to our green business practices. Our distillery is at the forefront of change in the sustainable spirit industry, including both short and long-term commitments to reduce our footprint and protect Britain's countryside. Please let us know if we can help you in any way, and you can place your next order online now.

What Are Sustainable Spirits?

Sustainable spirits are made by distillery brands aiming to reduce the environmental footprint of producing such drinks. With the world facing many social and environmental challenges, businesses must think about their impact on climate change and how they can lead from the front when it comes to making positive, real actions. We've already seen a shift in the rise of sustainable business models, including the promotion of reusable water bottles and commitments to decrease greenhouse gas emissions.  Spirit brands must be one of the first to change their thought patterns, finding the best ways to improve industry practices. This includes consideration for what happens to their distillery waste, adapting the way spirits are packaged and how they can best harness the power of green energy.

Importance of Sustainability

Making spirits and alcoholic drinks has a wide number of environmental implications. From vodka and gin to rum and whisky, every part of the production can have an impact. When a spirit brand explores how much energy it's consuming, it must look at its distillation methods (including food and water waste), the ingredients used, bottle use, shipment packaging, marketing materials and manufacturing techniques to assess the footprint of making just one bottle of the spirit.

Distillery Waste

Spirit products are a large contributor when it comes to the release of greenhouse gases when compared to how much is made versus other drinks in the alcohol sector. Unfortunately, the distillery process can produce lots of waste per bottle. While gin, rum and whisky makers are often doing well when it comes to creating sustainable spirits, botanical vodka is sometimes at the back of the race, which is why Gattertop Drinks Co aims to lead the pack, implementing the changes which need to be made.

Responsible Spirit Distillery Brands

Whether it's a gin, whisky, rum or vodka spirit brand, one of the most important principles is accepting your responsibility towards the environment and how you can contribute to sustainability practices in every part of your company. As an industry, we must be thought-leaders in finding better ways to do things, whether it's striving to source all our ingredients locally or working with like-minded partners to promote green practices.

Zero Waste

While it's often one of the hardest goals to fully achieve, aiming for zero waste is one of the best targets for stainable spirit brands. It means looking at where all types of waste are produced during the lifecycle of your products, whether it's the water waste during distillation, leftover ingredients, bottles and packaging (e.g. single-use plastics). The aim is that no waste should be sent to landfill or for incineration, using as many recyclable materials as possible.

Renewable Energy Targets

Renewable energy is sometimes referred to as 'green energy', harnessing sources such as sunlight, geothermal heat, wind or water. If a spirit brand can use some of these energy sources in the alcohol making process, it's another giant leap forward to achieving fully sustainable drinks. Businesses could even look at their premises, adding features such as solar panels to use light energy from the sun.

Why Choose Gattertop Drinks?

We're paving the way as one of the leading forces in creating sustainable British spirits, helping to make the world a better place and protect the countryside from which we harvest the extraordinary taste of our spirits. Whether it's our sustainable practices or doing everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint, we aim to preserve and look after what we have while working towards long-term goals for sustainability.

Good Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Practices

Sustainability should be considered at every part of your company practices to ensure minimal impact. From our distillation process to our supply chain, we believe in implementing an environmentally responsible ethos. Our entire manufacturing process is completed by hand to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide we produce, and we even carefully consider how to manage our leftover products. For example, once our damsons have been through the distillery process, any left are used in jellies and jams. We're also looking to partner with others in the industry to develop innovative products from our food waste and any other by-products created. We also minimise our food miles by processing our Damson No12 vodka on-site at Gattertop while picking all the ingredients for our Botanic No7 spirit here too.

Environmental Focus

Our distillery spirits and vodka use fresh ingredients, home-grown at Gattertop in our orchards, woodlands, garden and fields. We put a huge emphasis on the environment when working with the countryside to create our British made alcohol, using its changing seasons and principles to produce a higher quality product. We also manage and maintain healthy habitats by using organic practices, supporting the local wildlife.

Organic Orchards

Our orchards are Soil Association certified, which is the country's leading body when it comes to organic and sustainable licence schemes across sectors such as farming, food, textiles and catering. By using eco-friendly methods, we apply fewer manufactured herbicides, artificial fertilisers and pesticides. This helps our local landscape to prosper with the soil containing much higher volumes of carbon than the atmosphere or even forests.

Carbon Neutral

Our distillery produces carbon-neutral, sustainable spirits, offsetting through our partners. It means that the sustainable production of our damson and botanical spirits should result in no overall net release of CO2. We also plan to sign up to the UK's Woodland Carbon guarantee. This scheme aims to work towards the permanent removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, announced by the Government in 2018 as part of their long-term environmental plan.

Tree Planting & Orchard Preservation

Since 1960, around two-thirds of the country's orchards have disappeared, leading to the launch of our new initiative at Gattertop. We want to reinvest in British orchards by planting new trees and supporting relatable charities per bottle sold. We're committed to sustaining our orchards while working with partners who have similar goals to safeguard our local landscape. After all, we rely on orchards to produce the incredible botanicals and fruit we use for our sustainable spirits.

Responsible Sourcing

Throughout the production cycle, we source recyclable and sustainable materials wherever possible. This includes glass bottles, a natural cork for every bottle and cardboard for any packages or boxes. Even our labels and marketing materials are made with recycled paper. We're committed to plastic-free products, using recyclable bags for shipping, paper tape and wood wool that's 100% recyclable.

Long Term Environmental Goals

Year on year, we aim to reduce our footprint and emissions, always looking for the best new and innovative practices for which we can aim. As part of our commitment towards sustainability, we pledge that by the end of 2021, all materials used during the production of our spirits will be 100% sustainable, including those used for shipping each bottle from our distillery shop. It will also involve the use of biodegradable shrink sleeves, which are made from polylactic acid, meeting world standards.

Try Our Delicious Spirits

100% British Made

Many rum, whisky and gin brands use US or other world distillery companies, but every bottle of our sustainable spirits is 100% British made. All our produce is home-grown at Gattertop, our historic family farm dating back to 1086. It stands in its own valley, surrounded by beautiful fields, orchards and woodlands, which have borne fruit for hundreds of years. By supporting British businesses, you can help to grow much-loved industries while contributing to sustainability in the UK.

Delicious Vodka

Our world-class spirits have a taste and quality deep-rooted in nature and the English countryside, including our two extraordinary vodkas - Botanic no7 and Damson no12. Our drinks appeal to both sloe gin fans and curious vodka drinkers who want something unique. Botanic no7 uses seven botanicals found at Gattertop to create a distinctive taste like no other. We choose vodka over other spirits like gin as we believe its crisp, clean nature achieves a finer quality product that helps the natural flavours develop as much as possible. As well as putting sustainability at the forefront of our practices, we also believe in using quality methods which produce a smoother botanical vodka every time. This includes making each small batch of Botanic no7 using a copper pot still to achieve a smooth spirit with an exceptional taste per drink. You can even use our spirits to enhance your cocktails or drink them over ice with soda water and other mixers.

Award-Winning Brand

In just its first year, our Damson no12 was so well-received that it was awarded two stars by the Great Taste Awards and has won multiple awards since. Its recipe includes steeping Gattertop handpicked damsons for a good 12 months in premium vodka. This develops a delicate flavour profile before it's filtered, bottled and labelled on-site. Our Damson no12 has an abv of 23%, and our Botanic no7 vodka 38%, both coming in various sized bottles. We also offer bundles, hampers and mixed bottle shipments, so make sure you check out all the offers we have available on our website.

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