Extraordinary tasting vodka inspired and guided by the seasons

The UK's best flavoured vodka

Gattertop Drinks is paving the way to a new age of vodka, bringing flavour back to the spirit in a natural and authentic way. Inspired and guided by the seasons on the farm; Gattertop's abundance of fruit and botanicals are handpicked from the orchards, gardens and hedgerows which are then used to naturally flavour our multi-award-winning craft vodkas.

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the best uk vodka

At Gattertop Drinks, we are the proud owners of Botanic Nº7, England's reigning highest scoring vodka at the IWSC since 2021. As a brand committed to bringing flavour back to vodka in a natural and authentic way, we've crafted a collection of vodkas that celebrate the rich tapestry of the seasons on our farm. Each sip tells a story of the natural abundance of our farm, allowing you to experience the essence of the different seasons in our vodkas.

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What people are saying about us
Wow my Gattertop Botanic No7 distilled vodka with the Fever-Tree premium indian Tonic Water, was such a refreshing drink, poured in a glass and mixed
— Denise Turner
Gattertop Vodka with Fevertree tonic fantastic fresh taste bringing vodka to a whole new level well worth trying this botanical vodka.
— Tyrone Mcguigan
Amazing! The vodka is such good quality and so nice to support British, the flavours as well are so unique - will be back!
— India Steele
So thrilled with Damson liqueur a gorgeous batch from 2019 it’s half gone already will be back for more Cx
— Caroline Wilson
Gattertop Vodka12 (damson) absolutely lovely! A little taste of heaven in a bottle. If you like vodka you will love this. 10/10
— Bob Le Normand
Delicious drinks and excellent customer service. Have recommended to many friends!
— Liza Swindell
The most delicious vodka sticky you can buy!
— Edward Johnson
Gattertop Drinks Company

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