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To conserve and protect British orchards by celebrating the natural ingredients found on them throughout the seasons in our delicious drinks. It is important to preserve and protect these majestic landscapes not only because it is our home, but because orchards are rapidly vanishing from the British landscape. With their disappearance vital habitats for local wildlife are destroyed and the rich cultural heritage of the British countryside is diluted. Our drinks celebrate the year-round potential and importance of these landscapes by bringing the English countryside to you in a bottle.

protectors of nature

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Gemma Standeven

The inspiration behind the brand was a childhood spent roaming the Herefordshire hills, woods and farmland at the family estate of Gattertop.

Gemma experimented with the rich bounty of produce in the organic orchards and surrounding farmland to create a collection of award-winning spirits. The results are extraordinary vodkas that are versatile and encourage curious drinkers who seek flavour.

homegrown in Herefordshire

from orchards dating back to 1086

The home of Gattertop Drinks Cº is an historic farm in Herefordshire, which dates back to 1086 and is referred to in the doomsday book as Gadredehope. It stands in its own valley, among undulating fields, woodland and organic orchards that have borne fruit for thousands of years. Our goal is to create naturally flavoursome spirits, using our home-grown fruit and botanicals, capturing the essence of the English countryside in a glass.

Gattertop Drinks Company

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