This recipe is perfect for those hosting a street party as it can easily be self-served from a classic punch bowl or jug. This cocktail uses Botanic Nº7, a botanical craft vodka that captures the essence of an English orchard in bloom, the perfect drink to mark this momentous occasion.



To Garnish

  • Sliced apple
  • Fresh mint
  • Slice grapefruit


  • Pour all the ingredients except for the tonic water into a serving jug or punch bowl filled with ice.
  • Garnish the punch with fresh mint, sliced apples and grapefruit and stir for 10 seconds.
  • Serve the punch into a highball glass and fill 80% of the way with punch and topping up the remainder of the glass with tonic water.

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April 25, 2023
Gattertop Drinks Company

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