2022's winners for the World Vodka Awards have been announced andBotanic Nº7 has done it again! Gattertop’s single-sourced botanical vodka won the silver award for the UK at the World Vodka Awards positioning Botanic Nº7 as one of the UK's best botanical vodka brands.

How it's judged 

Medals are awarded according to taste and design via three rounds of judging by a panel including leading journalists, specialist drinks retailers and industry experts. Find out more about how the World Vodka Awards are judged here.

Botanic Nº7 wins the UK's silver award

We’re very pleased to reveal that Botanic No.7 has been awarded the silver medal for the UK's best botanical/infused vodka, adding to Botanic Nº7's outstanding accolades that champion the delicious herbal flavours taken directly from the organic orchards, gardens, and surrounding hedgerows at Gattertop. 

Botanic Nº7 won the silver medal in UKs infused/botanical vodka category thanks to its unique, 100% natural flavour profile; leaving herbal and grassy notes on the palate. This exceptional tasting vodka is well-balanced using single estate sourced ingredients infused with premium British vodka. 

Naturally flavoursome, Botanic Nº7 is carving out its own arena within the infused vodka category, solidifying its place as one of the best tasting botanical vodkas the UK has to offer. 

With a flavour profile that sits outside of a juniper base, Botanic Nº7 is the perfect alternative to gin and is best enjoyed simply over ice as a classic V&T or as a delicious martini.

2021 IWSC gold spirit award

The silver World Vodka Award is a welcomed addition to Botanic No.7's impressive accolades. In 2021 the newly released botanical vodka was awarded 96/100 at the prestigious IWSC awards, making it the highest-scoring vodka in England and one of the top 5 vodkas in the world. 

Botanic No.7 takes silver award at World Vodka Awards
February 15, 2022
Gattertop Drinks Company

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