As summer finally begins to make its appearance, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our latest cocktail, "Strawberry Fields," at the stunning London restaurant, Wild by Tart in Belgravia. This collaboration brings together our shared passion for seasonal ingredients and sustainable practices, culminating in a refreshing and sophisticated summer spritz that captures the essence of the season.

The Perfect Summer Spritz: "Strawberry Fields"

Strawberry Fields is the embodiment of our shared commitment to sustainability and seasonal flavours. This delightful cocktail features our Botanic Nº7, a botanical vodka spirit designed to capture the British countryside in bloom with notes of apple blossom, elderflower, rosemary, and nettle. Paired with Wild by Tart's sloe gin, strawberry top oleo, Supasawa, and Double Dutch soda, this drink is a celebration of summer in every sip.

The inclusion of strawberry top oleo, made from the often-overlooked tops of strawberries, not only enhances the cocktail’s flavour but also aligns with our dedication to minimising waste and maximising taste. Each ingredient in this cocktail is carefully selected to ensure a refreshing and unforgettable flavour experience.

A Collaboration Rooted in Shared Values

Our partnership with Wild by Tart is a natural fit, as both of our brands are driven by a commitment to sustainability and the use of seasonal ingredients. Wild by Tart’s approach to food and drink mirrors our own philosophy, creating menus that change with the seasons and reflect the best of local and global culinary traditions.

By launching "Strawberry Fields" at Wild by Tart, we are able to bring our shared vision to life in a unique and inviting setting. The restaurant’s beautiful, converted power station location in Belgravia provides the perfect backdrop for enjoying this new cocktail, surrounded by an atmosphere that celebrates the best of seasonal dining and drinking.

Raise a glass with us and toast to the start of a beautiful summer with the "Strawberry Fields" cocktail. 

Summer Cocktail Launch at Wild by Tart
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