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Botanical Vodka

If you’re searching for delicious botanical vodka, try the award-winning spirits from Gattertop Drinks. Our artisan-crafted Botanic No7 is a 100% British-made grain spirit. Its perfectly balanced flavours are achieved through a blend of handpicked ingredients, including fresh and seasonal damson blossom, elderflower, apple blossom, lemon, basil, rosemary and nettle botanicals.

What is Botanical Vodka?

So what puts a spirit in the 'botanical vodkas' category? These distinctive drinks are made by adding botanical ingredients from plants or fruit-based sources. At the heart of any bottle of the spirit should be natural ingredients that have been carefully grown and selected, distilled with a grain spirit to produce the perfect flavour profile.

Drinking botanical spirits is a fantastic way to open up your palate to experience the natural flavours of the British countryside. Vodka is smoother alcohol than gin, so it's perfect for drinking over ice or mixing with soda, tonic and cocktails.

Why Choose Gattertop Drinks?

As a well-balanced drink, we’ve combined traditional and new botanical flavours, creating a spirit that’s both intriguing and unique. Here are some of the best reasons to try our distilled vodka.

Quality Botanical Spirit

Quality runs through all our products, from the premium grain vodka we use to the fresh ingredients we pick at our orchard. With the perfect balance between sweet and acidic notes, the botanicals chosen produce an authentic, complex taste for all to enjoy. Such distinctive flavours have been created through the careful amount of time, consideration and hard work put into every stage of the distillery process, producing a superior botanical spirit.

Ideal for Gin & Vodka Drinkers

Our products appeal to people who like drinking gin or vodka, enjoying the curious and natural flavours of our botanical spirit. You can continue to enjoy the distinctive taste if you add our vodka to a soda or tonic, enjoying a healthier, ‘skinny’ drink with fewer calories thanks to the absence of sweeteners or sugar. You could even use our spirits in cocktails and add your own twist on the botanical taste, using cucumber mint, grapefruit soda water, rose or other flavours you love when mixing a drink.

Enjoy Natural English Botanical Flavours in a Glass

We like to think of our vodka as the English countryside in a glass, providing the perfect blend between clean, fresh and elegant flavours. Such a delicate balance has been achieved by growing our own botanical ingredients in the garden, orchard, hedgerows, fields and woodland of Gattertop. A lack of artificial flavours results in a much smoother tasting spirit with an ABV content of 38%.

British Botanical vodka, made in Herefordshire

Locally made British vodka, Botanic No 7 is infused with herbs and botanicals that are foraged directly from Gattertop, a family-owned English orchard located in Herefordshire.

Gattertop farm can be read about in the Doomsday book, boasting orchards that date back to 1086. With trees dating back to this date, the fruit produced at Gattertop is richer and more mature, producing a more complex flavour unique to Gattertop.

Botanic No 7 Englands best tasting botanical vodka

Botanic No 7 is Englands best tasting, not just according to us, but according to the IWSC. Gattertop drinks vodka is all about the taste, scoring 96/100 at the 2021 awards Botanic No7 achieved the highest score in England.

February 2022 also saw Botanic No7 achieve the silver award for the UK's second-best flavoured vodka at the World Vodka Awards.

Naturally flavoured vodka

No added sugar, artificial colours or flavours. Just 100% natural.

Botanic No7 is naturally flavoured with 100% organic ingredients sourced entirely from Gattertop. Botanic No7 owes its namesake to the 7 herbs and botanicals foraged from the orchards, hedgerows, and gardens at Gattertop. Designed to encapsulate the authentic taste of an English orchard, Botanic No7 is unique to Gattertop.

Akin to gin but better...

It is the first orchard-led botanical vodka in the UK providing drinkers with a deliciously natural, new flavour that sits outside the juniper base.

Key Botanicals

Damson Blossom
Apple Blossom

Botanical vodka is the Perfect Gift

Our distillery drinks are ideal for family or loved ones who enjoy the taste of botanical gin or vodka. From our beautiful bottles to our label designs, our bold identity exemplifies our history. 

We also have incredible hampers and bundles available for different occasions or corporate gifting. Our mixed bottle packs include our delicious and fruity Damson no12 botanical vodka (abv 23%) with a deep, fresh character achieved after the spirit is steeped for a total of 12 months.

How to drink Botanical vodka

Drink straight, on the rocks, or as a martini. Serve over soda or tonic water for a delicious, fresh and well-balanced drink that encapsulates the essence of the English orchard in a glass.

This drink will appeal to both vodka and gin drinkers who prefer natural flavours and enjoy a healthier low calorie drink.

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