The London Critics' Circle Film Awards, an esteemed event held annually at the illustrious May Fair Hotel in central London, gathered luminaries from the film industry to celebrate cinematic artistry. This star-studded occasion, which took place earlier this month, provided a platform to honour outstanding achievements in filmmaking while offering guests the opportunity to enjoy bespoke cocktails inspired by the nominated films, created by our wonderful team at Gattertop in partnership with Double Dutch Drinks.

For the second consecutive year, Gattertop was privileged to serve as the primary drink sponsor for the London Critics' Circle Film Awards. Building upon the success of the previous year, we approached this year with even greater enthusiasm, collaborating with Double Dutch Drinks to craft a selection of exclusive cocktails to cater the sophisticated tastes of A-list guests.

This year, we showcased three bespoke cocktails, each named after a nominated film. The Royal Barbie, featuring Damson Nº12, Double Dutch Soda, and fresh lime, offered a vibrant and refreshing taste. The Oppenheimer Fusion combined Botanic Nº7, white tea syrup, triple sec, and soda, presenting a sophisticated blend of flavours. Lastly, Anatomy of a Highball, our personal favourite, reimagined the classic martini with Botanic Nº7, vermouth, and Double Dutch Pomegranate and Basil Soda, delivering a lengthened twist on the timeless cocktail.

As the evening unfolded, accolades were bestowed upon deserving winners, showcasing the diversity and talent within the film industry. Films such as "All of Us Strangers" and "The Zone of Interest" claimed multiple awards, highlighting their remarkable contributions to cinema. Notable individuals, including Emma Stone for her captivating performance in "Poor Things" and Jonathan Glazer for his directorial prowess in "The Zone of Interest," were recognised for their exceptional achievements.

In addition to honouring established names, the awards ceremony also celebrated emerging talent, with breakthrough performers like Mia McKenna-Bruce and filmmakers, such as Molly Manning Walker, were lauded for their innovative and groundbreaking work, underscoring the vibrant creativity within the industry.

If you're up for a cosy night in with a good film, you should definitely check out some of the award-winning films honoured at the London Critics' Circle Film Awards. Whether you're into gripping drama like "All of Us Strangers" or intense narratives like "The Zone of Interest," these movies promise a variety of captivating stories that'll keep you hooked. Just concoct yourself a delicious cocktail from our extensive list, and you're all set for the perfect evening at home.

In conclusion, the 44th London Critics' Circle Film Awards provided a platform to celebrate the artistry and talent that enriches the cinematic landscape. As proud sponsors, Gattertop was delighted to contribute to this prestigious event, offering guests an unforgettable experience filled with exceptional films and bespoke cocktails. 


Photography: Dave Benett

44th London Critics' Circle Awards
February 21, 2024
Gattertop Drinks Company

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