Understanding your Father’s favourite drink can help you choose a gift that he’ll truly enjoy. Here are two popular drinks and the profiles of the Father’s who love them:

Top down shot of a collection of Negronis

The Negroni Drinker

The Negroni Dad is a man of refined tastes. He enjoys the balance of bitter, sweet, and herbal notes in his cocktails. Often found sipping a Negroni while reading a good book or hosting a dinner party, he appreciates the complexity and history behind classic cocktails. This dad is sophisticated, enjoys a good conversation, and likely has a well-stocked home bar.


Gift Recommendation:

For the Negroni-loving Father, consider a bottle of Damson N º12. This artisanal vodka liqueur, with its rich, fruity flavour, can add a unique twist to his favourite cocktail. Plus, as a special Father’s Day offer, with every bottle of Damson N º12 sold, you’ll receive a free set of four shot cups perfect for sipping. This not only enhances his drinking experience but also adds a touch of elegance to his home bar setup.


Bottle of Gattertop Drinks Botanical vodka next to a bloody mary garnished with an endive and scotch bonnet

The Bloody Mary Enthusiast

The Bloody Mary Father is someone who values a hearty and savoury drink, often enjoyed during a leisurely weekend brunch. He is likely to be adventurous with his palate, appreciating the bold flavours and the customisable nature of a Bloody Mary. This dad enjoys gatherings, whether it’s a casual brunch with the family or a summer barbecue with friends.

Gift Recommendation:

For the Father who loves a good Bloody Mary, a bottle of Botanic N º7 is the perfect choice. This botanical vodka brings a clean, crisp flavour that pairs exceptionally well with the robust flavours of a Bloody Mary. And this Father’s Day, we’re sweetening the deal by giving away two bottles of tomato juice with every bottle of Botanic N º7. This means your Father can start mixing his favourite cocktail right away, making his Father’s Day brunch extra special.


Gattertop’s Special Father’s Day Offer

At Gattertop, we believe in celebrating Father’s with gifts that they’ll genuinely enjoy. That’s why we’re offering these exclusive deals:
Damson Nº12: Purchase a bottle of Damson N º12 and receive a free set of four shot cups. These stylish cups are perfect for sipping and will make a fantastic addition to any home bar. Gift with purchase automatically added to basket at checkout.
Botanic Nº7: Buy a bottle of Botanic N º7 and get two complimentary bottles of tomato juice. This is ideal for dads who love crafting the perfect Bloody Mary.  Gift with purchase automatically added to basket at checkout.
No matter what your Father’s drink of choice is, Gattertop has the perfect gift to make his Father’s Day memorable. By tailoring your gift to his favourite cocktail, you show that you know and appreciate his tastes, making the gift all the more special.


This Father’s Day, go beyond the usual gifts and choose something that reflects your Father’s unique personality and tastes. Whether he’s a Negroni drinker or a Bloody Mary enthusiast, Gattertop has the perfect spirit to make his day. Take advantage of our special offers and give your dad a gift that he’ll savour and cherish.
May 29, 2024
Gattertop Drinks Company

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