In the world of spirits, gin has long been revered for its distinctive botanical flavours and rich history. However, a new contender has emerged that challenges gin's dominance: botanical vodka. This innovative twist on a classic spirit offers a fresh, sophisticated, and environmentally conscious option for discerning drinkers. In this blog post, we’ll delve into what botanical vodka is and present three compelling reasons why botanical vodka, specifically Botanic Nº7, reigns supreme over gin.
Botanical vodka highball cocktail with lemon

1. Botanical Vodka: The Uplifting Choice

One of the most compelling arguments for choosing botanical vodka over gin lies in the different effects these spirits can have on your mood. Gin, often referred to as "mother's ruin," has a reputation for being a depressant. Historically, gin consumption has been linked to negative emotional states, earning it a somewhat infamous status. This nickname is no coincidence; gin’s juniper-heavy profile can sometimes be overwhelming, contributing to the so-called “gin blues.”
In contrast, vodka, particularly botanical vodka, is often described as an “upper.” While it’s crucial to drink any alcohol responsibly, many find that vodka leaves them feeling more uplifted and sociable compared to gin. Botanical vodkas like Botanic Nº7 are crafted with carefully selected botanicals that infuse the spirit with light, refreshing notes without the heavy, sometimes overpowering taste of juniper. This makes botanical vodka a more pleasant and uplifting choice for social gatherings and personal enjoyment alike.
Clean drinking, Botanical vodka and tonic drink with pear and thyme garnish

2. Clearer Head the Next Day

No one enjoys the dreaded hangover, but the type of spirit you choose can significantly impact how you feel the next day. One of the advantages of botanical vodka over gin is the cleaner, sugar-free composition that Botanic Nº7 offers. Unlike many flavoured gins, which can contain added sugars and artificial flavourings, Botanic Nº7 is naturally flavoured and contains no added sugars. This means a purer drinking experience that’s less likely to leave you with a heavy hangover.
Sugar in alcoholic drinks can contribute to dehydration and other hangover symptoms. By choosing a clean, sugar-free botanical vodka, you’re minimising these effects. While we can’t promise a hangover-free morning, drinking a high-quality, naturally flavoured vodka like Botanic No7 can lead to a clearer head and a more manageable morning after compared to the sugary, artificial flavours often found in gin.
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3. Sustainable and Single Estate Sourcing

In today’s world, environmental consciousness is more important than ever. Another significant reason botanical vodka stands out is its commitment to sustainability. The botanicals used in Botanic Nº7 are all single estate sourced, meaning they come from one specific location—Gattertop. This approach ensures a lower environmental impact and highlights the incredible, flavourful ingredients available close to home.
On the other hand, the botanicals used in gin production can be sourced from various locations around the globe. This not only makes for a less cohesive flavour profile but also has a higher environmental cost due to the extensive air miles and transportation required. The scattered sourcing process adds unnecessary carbon emissions to every bottle of gin produced.
Botanic Nº7’s commitment to single estate sourcing from Gattertop ensures that the production process is more sustainable and eco-friendly. This dedication to sustainability not only benefits the environment but also provides a superior drinking experience by using fresh, locally sourced ingredients that reflect the rich natural flavours of the area.

The Verdict: Botanical Vodka Triumphs

When it comes to choosing between botanical vodka and gin, the scales tip decidedly in favour of botanical vodka. With its uplifting qualities, cleaner composition, and sustainable sourcing, Botanic Nº7 botanical vodka offers a superior alternative to traditional gin.
Botanical vodka provides a refreshing and sophisticated drinking experience without the heavy, depressive effects often associated with gin. Its sugar-free nature means a clearer head the next day, allowing you to enjoy your evenings without dreading the morning after. Additionally, the commitment to single estate sourcing ensures that every sip you take is not only delicious but also environmentally
In summary, the botanical vodka extends far beyond just a flavoured spirit. It represents a holistic approach to drinking that values quality, sustainability, and well-being. So, the next time you’re looking to elevate your spirits, reach for a bottle of Botanic Nº7 botanical vodka and experience the superior choice for yourself. 
May 24, 2024
Gattertop Drinks Company

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