Vodka has always been popular in bar scenes, with particular prominence in cocktails used as the base in 50% of the world's top 10 most popular cocktails. It is clear that vodka is having a moment, and it's not just limited to your standard vodka-tonic or vodka-Martini anymore (although these are still great). Let us understand why vodka is back in vogue.

Craft vodka is cool again

You may have noticed the resurgence of vodka in popular culture

You may have noticed the resurgence of vodka in popular culture. You may have even wondered why it's so popular right now. The answer is simple: Vodka is a versatile spirit that can be enjoyed in many different ways, whether you're choosing to drink it straight or use it to make cocktails.

Vodka was first distilled in Russia around the 16th century and quickly became popular across Europe as well as North America thanks to its smooth taste and high alcohol content (the name 'vodka' actually means "little water"). It's traditionally made from fermented grain mashed potatoes, grapes, or rye—a process that removes all flavour from whatever ingredients are used but leaves behind their colourless liquid form known as vodka.

This lack of flavour makes vodka incredibly versatile: The purity of vodka is what makes it so versatile. The finished product can be infused with herbs or spices after distillation for added natural flavour. The clarity of vodka means that additional flavourings do not have to compete with the base proprieties of the spirit, such as juniper found in gin. Since this neutral taste also allows vodkas made with other grains like oats or wheat malt syrup to produce their own unique characteristics when processed this way too!

The many reasons why people prefer it

There are many reasons why some people prefer it. It's a clear spirit, so you can see what you're drinking. When mixed with other ingredients like juice, soda, or tonic water, vodka enhances the taste of these ingredients and makes the drink smoother than if it were made with something else like whiskey or rum.

No longer the spirit synonymous with “first time drinking” vodka as a category has come a long way. Consumers have never been more educated when it comes to drinks and they’re bringing that knowledge to the bar too. 30% of UK adults plan to drink higher quality spirits, and cocktail trends have seen a shift back to classic recipes which more often aim to elevate the characteristics of their base spirit rather than mask them. Vodka is the perfect spirit for this kind of mixology working as the backbone in many cocktails, allowing flavours to shine whilst providing structure and body to a drink.

Why is vodka back in vogue?

As mentioned above, vodka is a very versatile liquor that can be used in many different ways. Cocktails seem to be the driving force behind this. Vodka purists might claim that the complexity of the spirit comes from its clarity and ‘sip-ability’ but in an industry driven by flavour more than ever, it is no wonder that it’s the flavoured category that is growing in popularity.

With flavoured vodka soaring by 77% last year it is an exciting time to see how far brands will push the category, especially considering consumer trends have moved towards “less but better” and how the premiumisation of flavour offerings will look. With this expansion of the category, bartenders are getting more creative with the spirit, driving it to take a prominent place on bar menus and cocktail lists.

The versatility and clarity of vodka are what make it so popular. If you want to know how to make some simple cocktails in minutes, check this list of the top 10 vodka cocktail recipes to make from premium craft vodka!

Consumers and bar-goers have moved to drink less but better, this is not only in search of quality and taste but also driven by the rise of the health-conscious consumer. Vodka has exponentially increased in popularity within this demographic of drinkers due to its low sugar content equalling fewer calories per martini.

Vodka is cool again

Is there a difference between vodka brands?

You're not alone if you've wondered: Is there a difference between vodka brands? Some are more popular than others, some taste different than others and some cost more.

There's no one answer to this question because everyone has different tastes. But we can tell you that Gattertop Drinks' Botanic No.7 and Damson No.12  are craft vodkas with their process dedicated to the naturally infused flavour of the spirit. Encapsulating the authentic taste of an English orchard in a glass, the hand-picked, fresh ingredients are what make Gattertop vodka so popular.

Driven by authentic flavour, Gattertop craft vodka is perfect when sipped in a simple vodka tonic, screwdriver, or vodka sour. Our vodka can be mixed with other drinks to create amazing-tasting masterpieces.

Is Vodka the best alcohol to drink?

Everyone has their preferences and it's up to you to decide what you prefer. Vodka is a neutral spirit that can be mixed with almost anything, which makes it perfect for someone who likes to experiment with new cocktails and drink combinations. On top of that, it's also the most popular alcohol on the planet.


So now you know! Vodka really is not only a viable beverage option for you, but a trendy one too. If you are interested in buying some vodka, try Gattertop Drinks, owner of Englands highest- scoring vodka at the IWSC, Botanic No7. Bringing innovative craft vodka to the mainstream with their special hampers and membership offers. Register today to enjoy the benefits of a Gattertop Drinks member and get 10% discount with free delivery. So hurry up, get your very own craft vodka today!

December 22, 2022
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