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Are you looking for delicious damson vodka liqueur? Try our artisan-crafted, award-winning spirits, infused with handpicked ingredients from the Herefordshire hills at Gattertop. Our Damson Nº12 vodka is 100% British made, steeped for an entire twelve months to develop a deep and fruity character. 

What is a damson? 

The damson is an edible drupaceous fruit, a subspecies of the plum tree. Varieties of the fruit can be found across Europe, but the damson is derived from and most commonly applied to forms that are native to Great Britain. 
The main characteristic of a damson is its distinctive rich flavour; unlike other plums, it is both high in sugars and acidic. The fruit can be identified by its shape and dark blue to indigo skin.  The damson tree blossoms in early April and the fruit is harvested in late August, September, and October. 
Damson trees take a long time to bear fruit as the ancient rhyme tells it: 
“He who plants plums
Plants for his sons. 
He who plants damsons
Plants for his grandsons.” 

What is a fruit liqueur?

A fruit liqueur is defined as a sweet flavoured alcoholic beverage with a liquor as a base.  It is bottled with added sugar and commonly flavoured with fruits, herbs, or nuts.  By adding the fruit and sugar to a liquor base results in lowering the ABV of the spirit, making it the perfect cocktail ingredient that can bring a deeper, more intense fruity flavour to your recipe. 
Damson vodka liqueur, Damson No12, Natural fruit liqueur

Premium British damson vodka liqueur

Damson Nº12 is a meticulously crafted damson vodka liqueur. After recognising a gluttony of used damson on the farm, Founder, Gemma experimented with recipes until she achieved a deep and delicious fruit liqueur. Representing autumn in the orchard, Damson Nº12 is a  premium grain vodka steeped in whole damsons for 12 months to achieve a beautiful jewel toned hue and rich jammy, plummy flavour entirely unique to Gattertop.

Damson vodka liqueur, Damson No12 signature cocktail, damson royale

How to drink damson vodka liqueur

Damson Nº12 can be decadently sipped straight over ice, paired with your favourite cheese or mixed in a wealth of cocktails. You can use Damson Nº12 as a sweeter alternative to Campari in a British twist on a  Negroni, as a spritz, or topped with your favourite fizz to make our signature cocktail, the Damson Royale.
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