Give in to divine temptation at the coral room 

Raise a glass to the launch of The Coral Room's new cocktail menu, featuring the UKs best craft vodka, Botanic Nº7 in the absolutely stunning cocktail aptly named the Divine Temptation!

Inspired by the legendary orchards of Armagh, Divine Temptation takes the herbal notes from Botanic Nº7 to create a crisp vegetal spin on the iconic Appletini- a true delight!

The orchard-inspired “Divine Temptation” champions the fragrant flavours of Botanic Nº7 coupled with “granny’s garden tea”, jalapeño oil, and nettle cordial, creating something one might consider art. Beautifully presented in an art deco style coupe glass and garnished with a nostalgic boiled sweet, the Divine Temptation should not be missed!

The Coral Room has used its new cocktail menu to celebrate the bars Irish roots and pays homage to its rich cultural heritage as part of The Doyle Collection. Inspired by the flavours of the fourteen counties in the Emerald Isle, The Coral Room invites you to discover 'The Great Irish Tour'. 

So, next time you're in town, give in to the Divine Temptation at The Coral Room 

Divine Temptation at The Coral Room
November 17, 2022
Gattertop Drinks Company

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