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Step into the world of Gattertop Drinks, renowned for the best UK vodkas- Damson Nº12 and Botanic Nº7. Crafted in harmony with the changing seasons, Damson Nº12 encapsulates the spirit of autumn, while Botanic Nº7 radiates the freshness of spring. The best UK vodka flavourings are sourced entirely from natural ingredients foraged from our farm, promising a pure and authentic taste. Immerse yourself in the distinctive celebration of seasons with Gattertop Drinks, where craftsmanship meets the true art of vodka flavouring.

The best UK vodka, vodka flavourings, Botanical vodka Gimlet
Botanic No7, Botanical vodka, Best UK vodka, vodka flavouring

Botanical Vodka flavouring

Botanic Nº7 is England's best tasting vodka, and not just according to us! Scoring 96/100 points at the IWSC, Botanic Nº7 is the reigning highest scoring vodka in England and one of the top 5 in the world.

Designed around the British countryside in bloom, you'll taste notes of elderflower, rosemary, basil, nettle, coriander, and apple blossom. A quintessential British garden in a glass.

Think gin when pairing this vodka flavouring. So, tonic, soda and light mixers. Keep cocktails simple with Martinis, Gimlets and Bloody Marys.

Fruit Liqueur, damson fruit spirit, Best flavoured vodka, vodka flavourings
Fruit Liqueur, damson fruit spirit, Best flavoured vodka, vodka flavourings

Damson Vodka flavouring

Damson Nº12 is Gattertop Drinks multi-award-winning fruit liqueur. Representing the orchard in autumn, damsons are steeped in vodka for 12 months creating a rich and plummy fruit liqueur that ends on a delicious almond note.

You can get creative with cocktails and try our Damson Cherry Sour, Damson Royale or a plummy Americano. You can also choose to keep it simple and sip it straight over ice with your favourite cheese.

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