Botanic Nº7, our award-winning botanical vodka, is designed to encapsulate the essence of the British countryside in bloom. This unique spirit owes its distinct, delicately floral, and herbaceous flavour profile to the fresh, natural ingredients we meticulously select and harvest. Among these, the apple blossom stands out, contributing to the intricate tapestry of flavours that define Botanic Nº7. During May, the orchards are awash with delicate pink petals, each one heralding the promise of a bountiful harvest.

Apple blossom in bloom, harvested from Gattertops orchard for botanical vodka

The Significance of Apple Blossom in Botanic N º7

The arrival of apple blossom season transforms the orchard into a breathtaking sea of pink, signalling the start of a crucial period for us. Our team springs into action to gather these precious petals, ensuring they are harvested at their peak. Each petal imparts a subtle sweetness and floral notes, essential for capturing the fullness of spring in every bottle of our botanical vodka. This floral note is not overpowering but instead adds a nuanced complexity, making Botanic Nº7 a truly unique and refreshing experience. The natural sweetness from the apple blossom also means that our vodka is a sugar-free drink, catering to those who are health-conscious and prefer a natural, unadulterated spirit.
Gemma, female founder walking through Gattertops orchards in full bloom ready to harvest for blossom for botanical vodka

The Harvest Process

The process of harvesting apple blossoms is both art and science. Timing is everything. The blossoms must be picked at just the right moment when their flavour is at its peak. This requires a deep understanding of the plant and its growth cycle. Our team are experts and work tirelessly to ensure that each petal is carefully selected to maintain the highest quality and flavour integrity.
Once harvested, the apple blossoms used to infuse Botanic Nº7, ensuring that their delicate flavours are preserved. This swift transition from orchard to infusion is crucial in capturing the fresh, vibrant essence of the blossoms. The result is a botanical vodka that not only tastes like the British countryside but also carries the spirit of the season in every sip.
Apple blossom for botanical vodka

The Natural Ingredients of Botanic N º7

The inclusion of fresh, natural ingredients is what sets Botanic Nº7 apart. We believe that using natural botanicals is the key to creating a superior product. This commitment to quality is evident in every bottle of Botanic N º7, from the floral top notes of the apple blossom to the herbaceous undertones provided by other carefully selected botanicals.
Our use of natural ingredients also means that Botanic Nº7 is a sugar-free drink. In a market saturated with overly sweetened spirits, our botanical vodka offers a refreshing alternative. The natural sweetness derived from the apple blossoms and other botanicals provides a balanced flavour without the need for added sugars. This makes Botanic N º7 not only a delicious choice but also a healthier one.

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Spring Cocktail Suggestions

To fully appreciate the delicate flavours of Botanic Nº7, we recommend trying it in some light, refreshing spring cocktails. Here’s are a suggestion:

Apple Blossom V&T:

Mix Botanic Nº7 with elderflower tonic water and garnish with a slice of green apple and a sprig of thyme. The elderflower tonic enhances the floral notes of the vodka, creating a delightful, refreshing drink perfect for a spring afternoon.
Botanic Nº7 is more than just a drink; it's a celebration of nature's bounty and the artistry of our craft. Each bottle tells a story of the British countryside, captured at its most vibrant and distilled into a refreshing, botanical vodka. As you sip, you can taste the delicate balance of flavours, the result of our commitment to using fresh, natural ingredients like the exquisite apple blossom. Enjoy Botanic Nº7 as a delightful sugar-free drink that brings the essence of spring into your glass.
May 24, 2024
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