There’s no better place to be than 12 floors up at Savage Garden, London’s best-kept-secret skyline bar. In the heart of the city, Savage Garden brings decadent décor, dramatic cocktails and delicious food to Tower Hill. The views are unmatched, with a panoramic vista which includes some of the city’s most prominent landmarks including, The Shard and the Tower of London. Among the highlights of their newly unveiled Savage Signatures is the inventive use of Damson Nº12 in the Satori cocktail.

The concept behind Savage Garden's Satori cocktail was to craft a drink that perfectly balances a bitter-sweet flavour profile. Head Bartender Alessandro Lintas meticulously selected Damson Nº12 for its unique ability to provide a subtle bitterness with sweet undertones. This makes it an ideal component that harmonises beautifully with the other liqueurs in the cocktail. The Satori cocktail features a blend of three distinct flavoured liqueurs, finishing with a refreshing splash of grapefruit and bergamot soda. The result is a drink that is as delightful as it is complex, leaving you eager for another sip.

But Alessandro's creativity didn’t stop at just the ingredients. He transformed the Satori cocktail into a full sensory experience. It is served in an elegant bowl and garnished with a sea shell filled with edible grapefruit foam, adding a visually stunning and interactive element to the drinking experience. This creative presentation not only enhances the cocktail's aesthetic appeal but also engages the drinker in a memorable way.

Savage Garden’s commitment to excellence extends beyond its cocktails. They have partnered with the Ocean Conservation Trust, a charity based in Plymouth, England, dedicated to the preservation and protection of the ocean and marine life. With every Satori cocktail sold, £1 is donated to this vital cause. This partnership underscores Savage Garden’s and Gattertop Drinks’ dedication to environmental responsibility and offers patrons a chance to contribute to meaningful conservation efforts.

When you’re next in the City, there’s no better place to unwind than Savage Garden. Soak up the sun 12 floors up, take in the breathtaking panoramic views, and indulge in the perfectly balanced Satori cocktail. Not only will you enjoy a unique and exquisite drink, but you’ll also be supporting a cause that aims to protect our oceans for future generations. 

Satori Cocktail, Savage Garden, London Bars
May 20, 2024
Gattertop Drinks Company

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