Enjoy a Negroni Cocktail with a Damson twist at Carousel, London

Find DamsonNº12 on the classic cocktail menu at the revolving culinary hub that is Carousel in Fitzrovia, London as 'A Dam Good Negroni'.

Offering a modern dining experience where no two days are the same. One of London's most vibrant and varied creative hubs, Carousel plays host to an ever-changing line-up of talented guest chefs from around the world. Inviting only the best through its doors, Carousel promises a unique dining experience for its guests with modern fine dining and a crowd-pleasing cocktail menu. 

The perfect Negroni cocktail is all about balance and Restaurant Manager, Ella McCabe has achieved just that with her Negroni cocktail on Carousels classic cocktail menu. Using Damson 12 as a slightly sweeter alternative to Campari stirred together with The Botanist Gin, Quinta do Infantado White Port, and Cocchi Americano Ella’s Negroni is exactly what it says in the title, damn good!

 By using Damson Nº12 in a Negroni as an alternative to Campari you reduce the bitterness synonymous with the classic cocktail making the whole drink lighter, more refreshing, and most importantly more accessible to people looking to expand their taste in cocktails. 

Book yourself a table at the revolving culinary experience that is Carousel and be sure to order yourself a ‘Dam Good’ Negroni whilst you're there… 

The Dam Good Negroni Cocktail
July 14, 2022
Gattertop Drinks Company

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