At Guy Ritchie's Ashcombe Estate: Wild Kitchen X Carousel Series

We are thrilled to unveil an extraordinary collaboration set against the stunning backdrop of the British countryside at Guy Ritchie's Ashcombe Estate in Wiltshire. Recently highlighted in the Netflix hit, The Gentleman, this iconic location will host a series of unforgettable culinary weekends. Award-winning restaurant Carousel has teamed up with The Cashmere Caveman Company’s WildKitchens to present eight weekends of gourmet delights, featuring eight esteemed guest chefs who will cook exclusively over an open fire in the ultimate outdoor kitchen.

The series kicked with the talented Adriana Cavita, renowned for her innovative approach to traditional flavours. Adriana’s mastery in combining authenticity with modern techniques promises a captivating start to the Wild Kitchen X Carousel series. Guests can anticipate a menu that celebrates the essence of outdoor cooking, enhanced by the rustic charm of the Ashcombe Estate's picturesque surroundings.

Central to this gastronomic adventure is the bar team from Carousel, who have meticulously crafted three exceptional cocktails to complement the exquisite menus. Utilising Gattertop vodka, they offer a British twist on classic favourites. Guests can indulge in a Negroni reimagined with a Damson Nº12, savour a sophisticated Manhattan, affectionately dubbed the 'Damhattan,' and relish a spiced Bloody Mary, with Botanic Nº7, the perfect remedy for the night after.

In addition to these bespoke cocktails, the drinks menu features contributions from Showerings Cider and Telmont Champagne, ensuring a diverse and luxurious beverage selection that caters to every palate. The collaboration with these esteemed brands underscores the commitment to quality and excellence that defines the entire series.

Each weekend promises a unique culinary journey, with guest chefs bringing their signature styles and inventive menus to the WildKitchen. The open-fire cooking experience not only emphasises the natural flavours of the ingredients but also fosters a communal atmosphere where guests can connect with the chefs and gain insight into their creative processes. This direct interaction enriches the dining experience, making each meal a memorable event.

The Ashcombe Estate itself adds a layer of enchantment to the series. Its lush landscapes and historic charm provide the perfect setting for an immersive culinary escape. As the sun sets over the rolling hills, the warmth of the fire and the aroma of gourmet dishes create an ambiance that is both intimate and spectacular.

The Wild Kitchen X Carousel series is more than just a dining event; it's a celebration of food, creativity, and the beauty of the British countryside. Whether you are a foodie, a fan of open-fire cooking, or simply looking for a unique weekend getaway, this collaboration offers something truly special.

We invite you to join us for this extraordinary culinary journey. Experience the magic of Ashcombe Estate, delight in the exceptional menus crafted by top chefs, and enjoy the expertly curated cocktails that highlight the best of British spirits. This is a rare opportunity to indulge in the finest food and drink, set in one of the most beautiful locations in the country.

Book your spot now and be a part of the Wild Kitchen X Carousel series – where every weekend is an adventure in taste and a celebration of the senses.

Gattertop drinks at Guy Richies Ashcombe Estate for A summer long collaboration with Wild Kitchen and Carousel
May 17, 2024
Gattertop Drinks Company

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